Strolling through Sunflowers

It’s a sight that’s equal parts magnificent and moving. Sunflowers as far as the eyes can see.


Planted by the Prayers from Maria – Children’s Glioma Cancer Foundation, the mile-long garden symbolizes hope for all children battling deadly glioma brain tumors. The foundation was started by Ed and Megan McNamara, whose daughter Maria died on July 7, 2007, of a rare brain cancer. She was seven.

As I walked the garden, along with a dozen or so strangers, we did so in silence for the most part. An occasional observation punctuated the air:

“I’d never think to do something like this.”

“She sure has awesome parents.”

I was particularly struck by the fact that many of the flowers were “faces down” in the heat. To me, they appeared to be praying.


In stark contrast, the “faces up” flowers were bustling with bees. I was awash in a sea of sunflowers – a sea of life and hope.

bee copy

And I couldn’t help but turn my face skyward into the sun and smile at Maria.


Clevelanders interested in walking the garden can enter the field from Jaycox Road
off Chester Road in Avon.

Until next time, be kind to yourself. And each other.


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