Weekly Wrap-Up

Seven things that moved me, grooved me, or improved me.

ONE: This headline hurts my heart: Is 2014 the year the platinum album dies? Okay, who hasn’t purchased Jack White’s Lazaretto yet?

TWO: This? An oldie, but sure makes my heart smile this time of year.

THREE: See how musician Matt Nathanson and Starkey Hearing Foundation are changing lives. Be sure to grab a Kleenex.

FOUR: I heart Siri. You too, Gus. A heartwarming story about  how a boy with autism became BFFs with Apple’s Siri.

FIVE: IKEA’s nod to The Shining is pitch perfect.

SIX: Talk about being at the right place at the right time with your camera. Love this capture by a friend, Kim. Killer shadow.


SEVEN: Meet typewriter artist Paul Smith. In his time here on earth, he showed us how abundant the human spirit can be despite physical limitations.

What moved, grooved, or improved you this week?

Until next time, be kind to yourself. And each other.



Note: All opinions expressed here are my own. I have not received any compensation for writing this post.

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